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              作者:愛彼維修服務中心   日期:2020.09.18
              History of Rolex
              As a pioneer in watchmaking, Rolex invented a number of innovative watchmaking techniques in 1905, including the first waterproof watches "Oyster" and the constant motion pendulum automatic chain system. For more than a century, Rolex watches have accompanied explorers and elites from around the world to conquer the world's highest and deepest oceans.
              Hans Wells?
              Rolex's history is closely related to its visionary and pioneering founder, Hans Wilsdorf. In 1905, at the age of 24, he was able to set up a company specializing in time distribution in London. He even fantasies about wearing his watch on his wrist. Despite the inaccuracy of the watch at the time, Hans Welsdorf was able to foresee that the watch was not only elegant, but also accurate and reliable. To convince the public that his innovative timepiece was equally accurate, he specially fitted the wristwatch with a compact, accurate movement made by a watchmaking company based in Bill, Switzerland.
              The origin of Rolex brand name in 1908
              Five ingenious letters
              Hans Welsdorf wanted a name that was easy to remember in any language and beautiful on the wristwatch movement and dial. "I've tasted almost all the alphabetic combinations and ended up with hundreds of names, but none of them satisfied me," he said. One morning, as I was sitting on the upper floor of a coach, passing through Chipsey Street in London, I seemed to hear the voice of an elf whispering in my ear, "Rolex."
              The pursuit of timing accuracy
              Although Rolex initially focused on improving the quality of the movement, his active exploration of the precision of the timepiece eventually succeeded. In 1910, Rolex became the first watch to receive a Swiss timekeeping certificate from the official Watch Rating Center of Bill, Switzerland
              The pursuit of timing accuracy
              Four years later, in 1914, the Kew Observatory granted Rolex an A-level certificate. At that time, this grade was usually obtained by the precise time meter of navigation. Since then, the Rolex watch has become a symbol of precise timekeeping.
              Rolex moved to Geneva, an international city renowned for its watchmaking techniques, and registered with the company Montres Rolex S.A. locally in 1920.
              First waterproof watch
              In 1926, Rolex created the first waterproof and dust-proof wrist watch to make the tabulation technology move forward. The oyster watch, called "Oyster", is equipped with a closed watchcase to provide the best protection for the movement.
              The challenge of crossing the Straits
              To prove that wristwatches are waterproof, they must provide real evidence. In 1927, a young British lady, Mercedes Gleitze, successfully crossed the English Channel wearing a Rolex oyster watch. After swimming for more than ten hours, the wrist watch she wore was still intact and running as usual.
              Brand spokesman concept
              To celebrate this historic initiative, Rolex announced the victory of the waterproof wristwatch by publishing a full-page article on the front page of the Daily Mail. And this success is a symbol of the emergence of the concept of Rolex brand spokesperson.
              Constant motion
              In 1931, Rolex developed the world's first patent automatic chain mechanism -- constant pendulum thallium. This original system is the basic design of every modern automatic watch.
              History of Rolex
              Flying over Mount Qomolangma
              The pilot wore the Rolex oyster watch on his first voyage across Mount Qomolangma. They are satisfied with the performance of the wrist watch.
              Field test laboratory
              Rolex has noticed that in different environments, it is actually an opportunity to test and improve the oyster watches. It is the best laboratory to test the countless technical performance of wrist watches in sports, aviation, racing and exploration.
              Sir Malcolm Campbell
              As early as the 1930s, Rolex had a pleasant partnership with Sir Malcolm Campbell, one of the fastest drivers in the world, in the world of racing. On September 4, 1935, the King of Speed mounted the chariot Bluebird, wore a Rolex wristwatch, and set a speed record of more than 300 miles an hour at Bonneville Speedway, Utah. Sir Malcolm broke the world speed record nine times between 1924 and 1935, five times at Daytona Beach.
              Letter to Rolex
              Sir Malcolm Campbell said: "I've been wearing a Rolex watch for a while and it's still accurate in difficult circumstances.
              First log Watch
              In 1945, Rolex introduced a log watch, the world's first watch with a calendar displayed on it. The magnificent Journal watch, with a commemorative strap and a triangular grooved outer ring specially designed for it, is the most recognizable of the Oyster Watch series. The log watch was designed for men at first. After ten years, a rich array of women's clothing evolved.
              Forerunner wrist watch
              In the early 1950s, Rolex developed a series of professional watches with more than just timekeeping functions, based on its thorough knowledge of precision and waterproof performance of precision timepieces. These watches are designed for professional activities, including deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. Watches have always been popular and are popular among outstanding people.
              愛彼與國家地理學會(National Geographic)建立嶄新的合作關系,攜手推廣探險及環境保育。雙方共計有多達200年支持探索歷險的經驗,這次再度合作旨在為探險先驅提供支持,并培育未來的探險家,為造福后代而致力保護地球的海洋、極地及山岳環境。
              自1930年代,喜馬拉雅山峰的攀山者均依賴愛彼腕表,征服這個地球上最極端嚴苛的環境。1953年,約翰?亨特爵士(Sir John Hunt)領導探險隊前往珠穆朗瑪峰,同行的艾德蒙?希拉里爵士(SirEdmund Hillary)和丹增?諾吉(Tenzing Norgay)成為首兩位登上世界最高峰的探險家,當時他們均佩戴蠔式恒動型腕表。同年,為紀念此歷史性創舉,愛彼正式推出探險家型表款。
              2010年展開的愛彼極地之下深海探險活動(Deepsea Under The Pole by Rolex)為一項開創性探險計劃,旨在了解更多有關北極的水底環境。探險過程需要在這個地球上最嚴苛的環境中步行滑雪和水肺潛水,八位團隊成員進行科學研究,并收集北極冰山下的聲音、圖像及影像數據。
              探險活動的領導杰斯蘭?巴托(Ghislain Bardout)與妻子阿曼妞?皮維爾-巴托(Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout),活出對探險的熱忱,投身探險家生涯。于2017年的極地之下III(Under The Pole III)探險活動,夫妻二人與團隊計劃探索由北極到南極水底環境,并希望借此深入了解海洋與氣候平衡的關系、認識生物發光、改善水底探索技術,并鼓勵下一代探索海洋。
              來自美國的大衛?杜比勒(David Doubilet)是一位享譽國際的水底攝影師,備受各界推崇。他于8歲時開始在新澤西州海岸進行水肺潛水,并于12歲時使用布朗尼鷹眼(Brownie Hawkeye)相機初次在水底拍攝。1971年,他在《國家地理》雜志刊登首篇文章,自此便一直為雜志提供迷人照片。
              席薇亞?厄爾探險活動蜚聲國際的海洋學家席薇亞?厄爾(Sylvia Earle)是一位海洋探索先驅。逾50年來,她一直引領水底探索與海洋生態系統研究的發展。1970年,厄爾連同一隊潛航員,在水底實驗室居住兩周,研究海洋生態以及水底生活對人體的影響。她非常關注海洋保育問題,而其“藍色使命”(Mission Blue)項目便旨在爭取全球支持,設立海洋保護區,希望于2020年前保育20%的海域。
              1960年,瑞士海洋學家雅克?皮卡德(Jacques Piccard)與美國海軍上尉當?沃爾什(Don Walsh),共同駕駛由瑞士設計的深海潛艇的里雅斯特號(Trieste),并在船身系上Deep Sea Special實驗型蠔式腕表,潛入太平洋馬里亞納海溝水深10,916米處,打破深潛紀錄。這次深潛成功抵達“挑戰者深度”,并發現前所未見的生物,奠下深海探索的重大里程碑。
              2012年,詹姆斯?卡梅?。↗ames Cameron)潛入太平洋馬里亞納海溝(Mariana Trench),抵達全球最深處,不僅成為自1960年首位完成此深潛旅程的探險家,更是當中唯一選擇采用個人潛水器。來自加拿大的卡梅隆乘坐DEEPSEA CHALLENGER潛水器下潛約11公里,并用上數小時,在海底搜集高清立體圖像及樣本,讓科學界從中發現最少68種新物種。盡管詹姆斯?卡梅隆以電影制作人著稱,但他更是一位資
              1953年5月29日,兩位具有非凡毅力的探險家首次登上海拔8,848米的珠穆朗瑪峰。當時艾德蒙?希拉里爵士(Sir Edmund Hillary)和丹增?諾吉(Tenzing Norgay)是約翰?亨特爵士(Sir John Hunt)領導的英國探險隊的成員,他們完成了此前數十個探險隊沒有完成的壯舉:登上世界屋脊。
              14 X 8000
              艾德?維思特斯14 X 8000
              美籍的艾德?維思特斯(Ed Viesturs)被視為當代頂尖登山專家。在“力登8000”(Endeavor 8000)計劃中,他在沒有配備輔助氧氣的情況下,成功攀登14座8,000米高的山峰。計劃于1989年開始直至2005年結束,他攀登的首座山峰是位于尼泊爾喜馬拉雅山的干城章嘉峰(Mount Kangchenjunga),而最后一座則是安納普爾那峰(Annapurna)。維思特斯曾21次攀登8,000米以上的山峰,當中七次為珠穆朗瑪峰,成就非凡。


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